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2020-2021 Events

9.16.2020  - KSSA Board of Directors Meeting

9.16.2020 - Council of Superintendents - Topeka or online

9.17.2020 - Superintendent topic P.D. - Topeka or online 

10.12.2020- Announce 2021 Kansas Supt. of the Year

10.14.2020 - Council of Superintendents - Dodge City

10.15.2020 - Superintendent topic P.D.- Dodge City

11.10.2020 - Expanding Leadership - KSSA Asst. Supt.

11.18.2020 - KSSA Board of Directors Meeting

11.18.2020 - Council of Superintendents - Topeka

11.19.2020 - Superintendent topic P.D.- Topeka

12.4.2020 - KSSA Day @ KASB

1.20.21 - KSSA Superintendent of the Year Awards - Topeka

1.20.2020 - Council of Superintendents - Topeka

2.10.2021 - KSSA Board of Directors Meeting

2.10.2021 - Council of Superintendents - Topeka

2.11.2021 - Superintendent topic P.D.- Topeka

2.18 - 2.20, 2021 AASA National Conf. - New Orleans

2.23.2021- Expanding Leadership - KSSA Asst. Supt.

4.14.2021 - KSSA Board of Directors Meeting - Topeka

4.15.2021 - Superintendent topic P.D.- Topeka

Our Mission

The mission of the Kansas School Superintendents’ Association is to serve the growth, development and general encouragement of the Kansas System of Education.

Our Vision

The Kansas School Superintendents Association was established to support Kansas School District Leadership in three areas: Professional Development, Communication and Advocacy. 

2021 KSOY Finalists

Topeka, KS—The Kansas School Superintendents’ Association (KSSA) is pleased to announce four exceptional school superintendents as finalists for the 2021 Kansas Superintendent of the Year. In June, 19 Kansas Superintendents were nominated by their peers for this year’s award.

Eleven of the nominees completed the rigorous application process which includes completing four essay type questions plus a personal video.  These applications are reviewed and scored by a select KSSA committee. Over the next two weeks, each of the finalists will be interviewed by a committee comprised of former Kansas Superintendents of the Year. The 2021 Kansas Superintendent of the year will be announced on October 12.


Dr. Tiffany Anderson

Dr. Tiffany Anderson is the superintendent of schools in the Topeka Public School District.  She has served as the superintendent since July of 2016. The Topeka Public School District serves more than 13,000 students in the city of Topeka.

Topeka 501 represents a very diverse population. Seventy-three percent of the students attending the school district qualify for the federal school food service program.   


Dr. Anderson uses a hands-on approach with her school leaders when it comes to reviewing the student success data. In an effort to make sure students remain focused and on track, she visits with each of the 30 schools and programs every 30 days to review the data for students by name. Additionally, under her leadership, Topeka 501 has introduced college prep programs in high minority, high poverty schools, giving students access to a college-level curriculum early to close gaps and ensure students develop soft skills. Dr. Anderson believes data is meaningless without strong relationships. As such, when data shows students are not progressing as needed, they follow up personally with students and work collaboratively to eliminate barriers.

Dr. John Burke

Dr. John Burke has served as the Superintendent of Schools in the Haysville School District since July 2003. The Haysville School District is located in South Central Wichita with a student population of 5,800 students. The district is home

to three National Blue Ribbon Schools and each of the schools have been recognized as a Capturing Kids Hearts National Showcase.

In the 2003-2004 school year, Campus High School had an enrollment of approximately 1,000 students, with 50% of the students qualifying for free or reduced meals. In the 2003-2004 school year there were 83 documented student fights. These fights resulted in over 200 out-of-school suspensions. Clearly something needed to be done. Research was done to find appropriate strategies and interventions to solve this problem. Many strategies were implemented, but little progress was made solving this problem. Increasing the consequences for violent acts did not work. During the 2011-2012 school year, the Haysville Public Schools implemented the Capturing Kids Hearts program. This program focuses on teaching students and teachers how to treat each other with mutual respect.

The Capturing Kids Hearts program has each classroom teacher work with students to create a social contract. In the 2018-2019 school year, the high school had over 1,600 students with 55% of the students qualifying for free/reduced meals. Only 13 student altercations occurred in 2018-2019. Clearly the program is working!

Dr. Justin Henry

Dr. Henry has been the Superintendent of Schools in Goddard since 2011. The Goddard Public School District, located in the western portion of Sedgwick County, Kansas, serves students from the cities of Wichita and Goddard. Goddard

Public Schools serves approximately 6,200 students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Equipment and facilities are continuously upgraded, keeping their students on the cutting edge of technological advancements, giving them an advantage in both collegiate and vocational settings.

Dr. Henry shares a quote from Kansan and President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Plans are nothing, but planning is everything.” This quote speaks volumes to Dr. Henry.  Everything done as a school district and in the middle of a pandemic has increased in importance. Building consensus towards a common purpose in a community of over 6,000 students, 1,000 educators, 10,000 parents, and 60,000+ patrons must be a daily intentional commitment. In 2013, over 800 members of the community provided input into the district’s first 5-year strategic plan. Strategic planning starts with honest communication. By listening to the needs of your students, staff, and community; establishing a process and timeframe that people can trust; and maintaining a positive and serving attitude, the district has created an atmosphere of public trust and support of Kansas public education. 

Dr. Chad Higgins

Dr. Chad Higgins has been the Superintendent of the Maize USD 266 School District since July of 2015. Maize USD 266 is one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state of Kansas, with over 7,000 students. Maize is a suburban district that

rests in the cities of Maize and the Northwest side of Wichita. 

Dr. Higgins is a proponent of involving many people and perspectives and of individuals from various backgrounds and experiences discussing and challenging each other, pushing to collectively find an ideal solution or answer. This philosophy guides Higgins to regularly communicate with a wide variety of audiences in various ways. This past summer, Chad developed the OneMa1ze COVID Advisory Team (OCAT) to provide the district and school board with multi-perspective recommendations to further offer the safest teaching and learning environment possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team members, physicians and mental health providers whose children attend(ed) the Maize district, use the most recent scientific data and research, along with their professional experience as it relates to their specific medical, health, and educational fields. Their input and team recommendation will include a placement of the district in a gating “zone.” Their expertise will be vital through this process. 

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